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How We Started

2the9sRetro started in the summer of 2010 after meeting the lovely Jezebel Blue, a local jewelry maker. She started showing me the ropes of being a vendor and I took what I knew of vintage and rockabilly and started selling Vintage/Retro Suits and Hats at Rockabilly festivals and Markets. Being an artist, I had the idea about a year later to start designing my own graphics for Work Shirts and T's, so I taught myself to screen print. From there it was T's, Lounge shirts and Hand-painted Bags/Jackets and we've been going strong ever since, thanks to your help. 



Why 2the9s?

There are plenty of stores to choose from out there, but we like

to think that buying from small business is the better way


to go than a faceless company, only out to make a buck. We


take the time to design our goods for the Kustom


Kulture/Rockabilly market, because its our way of life. It's a


family and I'm always down to give support to the great folks


of this subculture.